Who are we?

We are René en Miranda Kayser Keppel.

Renè was born in 1961 in Wiltz, Luxemburg. He spent his youth in Enscherange. He is a welder and works with the SEO (Societé Electrique de L’Our) in Vianden.

Miranda (myself) was born in 1965 in Egmond, The Netherlands. In March 1984, I moved with a couple of horses to Luxemburg. I started a riding school in Enscherange, where I met René. A year later I moved to Wilwerwiltz and ran riding school for seven years. But I did not have an indoor school and the winters are very long in the Ardennes. Everything I earned in the summer was spent in the winter on feeding the horses. In 1991 we decided to quit. René and I bought a small farm in Rumlange, we married on 17 June, 1991.

I started a new career in 1992, as a nurse in an old peoples’ home, not very logical for someone with a agriculture diploma.... For 9 years I worked only nightshifts, always all alone and I learned fast! Now I work in the morning (6-14h) or in the afternoon (14-22h) - that gives me plenty of time to train my horses.

In spring 1994 I took Luxemburg nationality. For years, we were looking for a nicer farm with more land, but Luxemburg is expensive! So we started to look in Germany. We saw the house years ago, nobody lived in it, but it was not for sale. Fortunately, the owner works with René and decided to sell it to us. In spring 2005, we started the rebuilding and we moved in on 8 June. René lives 8 km from work and me 26 km to Clervaux. It used to be the other way around.

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