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Horsebackriding in the Luxemburgse Ardenne and the Süd Eifel:

With your horse in the Our and Irsen nature parks:

The Our nature park is a beautiful area on the borders of Luxemburg, Belgium and Germany. With its high hills and deep valleys it is like riding in another world. The River Our flows through the middle and you would think you were on another planet. There are beautiful plants and flowers. In the village of Heinerscheid you can buy the local Our products in a shop/restaurant. Once a month there is a farmers’ market. The Irsentalis nature park is famous for its butterflies; it is lovely to ride through the butterflies dancing around your head.

And then there is the rough Ardenne/Eifel area, with differences in elevation of 400 metres! The bottom of the valley is hard rock and loose stones. The horses learn to climb up and down and learn to watch their feet. We have a lot of water, you can cross in many places. The woods are about 100 metre from our place. If you stay on the right side, there is a nice valley, named Gaytalpark, with brooks, which at least twenty places to cross. When you go up the mountain, you arrive in Kammerwald (Luxemburg) and when you go further you have a beautiful view of the Vianden Castle. There is a visitors’ centre in Körperich with a lot of information about the local plants and animals. At full moon there are night walks. You can make a daytrip and put your horse in a paddock at a "wanderreitstation" and eat there. The food is good! You can ride on your own with local maps, which are very good, or I can ride with you and show you all the nice places.

See the training page for information on the TREC and Endurance training days of the Dutch TREC Education Centre.



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