René en Miranda Kayser invite you to train your TREC or Endurancehorse at their comfortable horse farm. We are not a commercial business and you will only pay the costs for your accommodation and stabling. You can cook for yourself in our kitchen or eat in the next village. Scheitenkorb is a part of the Dutch TREC education school and a lot of Dutch and Belgium endurance riders come here to train. The location where René and Miranda lived before in Luxemburg was famous for its training facilities and endurance competition. This is even better. The New Zealand Endurance Team lived here for three months as preparation for the 2002 World Championships in Jerez.

Miranda is an experienced endurance rider and chose this location for its testing terrain for training horses. She has participated in several European and World Championships and is well known in endurance.

You can ride on your own with a map or with Miranda. Let us know which you prefer. You can go for wonderful day-long rides with nice places to stop to eat.

We hope you enjoy the photos. Read all about what we have to offer and information about the beautiful landscape.

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