Our breeding stock:

We breed a couple of horses each year. Pure Bred Arabians and Anglo Arabs. We started in 1989, before that I was breeding Haflingers.

Our leading mare, Lady Arish Aziza, born in 1986, is Crabbet and Russian. Her father is Nadejni and on the mother’s side the Crabbet, Magic Argosy. Aziza gave us 11 foals. Her, for all breeds selected son, Saladin, and the competition mare, Maybe Comedie, gave us Snowie (born in a blizzard). Maybe is an experienced Anglo Arab endurance horse, her father is the Arabian stallion Djamel (Manganate) and her mother is the Amercan pureblood Pontiflight, vm. Pontifex.
Snowie gave us Orvia, Father Sadepers, Persik. Snowie died young at 5. Orvia had a surprise for us, on 6 October 2005 she was in foal by Shaho. (Kabila - see photo). Shaho was also bred by us, the mother is Azila Kayyal (bought in 1999), a Russian mare from Aloum, Numizmat, mother’s side Salon. Shaho's father is Diament Du Rolon, Persik, mother’s father Manganate bloodline. Aziza was also put with Diament Du Rolon and the result was Kiaraa. We want to breed further with Kiaraa to keep the line we started with in the first place. Shaho is sold but left a present, which should be born in February!

For the sport we bought Nib Could Be Star a first generation Anglo Arab. Father, Sheikan Star, with good endurance offspring. The pure bred mother is an experienced race horse.



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