I learned about endurance in 1986, but it was in 1992 that I became a full time endurance rider. Why endurance, well, I had done dressage, show jumping and eventing, but I had lost interest in the first two and I did not dare continue with the latter. So I decided to quit, but I had bought Nuck, a very good Irish horse for eventing and show jumping. He was a good horse but could not concentrate. I had done endurance with other horses and so started with Nuck. That was the real beginning of my endurance career. I really love nature and it was not difficult to change to endurance. Our motto is: ENDURANCE IS NOT JUST A SPORT, IT’S A WAY OF LIFE!

In 2006 my competition kilometres are 7145 Nuck(3115) en Maybe Comedie(2750). I hope to reach the 10.000km mark in 2007

At the time when I started, endurance not as popular as now. Nobody shared their knowledge and getting wise was not easy. These days we have lots of books, a lot of experienced riders who like to help others, research for good saddles, clothing, feeding, etc. And of course internet! Endurance is a professional sport and the speeds are high. 22/23 km p/h on a 160 km in the desert is normal....

I hope to enjoy this sport for a long time, as both rider and groom.



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